Dual CPU Feature of NEC SV8300

Pbx SV8300 of NEC is upgradable from single CPU to dual CPU to minimize the down time of the PBX. When we talk about dual CPU system, basically it functions as hot CPU, means once the primary or first CPU goes down, automatically 2nd CPU takes over the PBX control without interrupting the ongoing calls.

Another type of CPU configuration functions as cold standby, means when the first CPU goes down second CPU monitors the breakdown of first CPU, then initializes the system and it takes the control of Pbx, while switching over the ongoing calls are disrupted.

SV8300 functions as cold CPU, and it is an enhancement of the earlier version with single CPU. Single CPU earlier has enclosure of 1U chassis, dual CPU has 2U chassis and the line and trunk chassis remains the same.

Licensing procedure is simple it requires single license. During the PBX operation the configurations  in the first CPU is automatically updated to the second CPU with licenses. Slot number one (top) is CPU zero and the license to be loaded in this CPU only. 

Data swapping between the CPU's is carried through the maintenance port of both CPU, Even-tough both CPU's VoIP ports are connected to switch, it needs either direct connection between maintenance port of both CPU or it has to be connected to switch.CF.  The data's in the one CF cannot be transferred to another CF.


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